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Xi an blue light fine materials Co Ltd is located in the beautiful ancient city Xi an founded in 2000 is a collection of scientific research production sales of high tech chemical production enterprise has the right to import and export The company has product development department production department quality inspection department sales department the company has a number of professional engaged in dozens of years of iron chemical research and development team with high purity iron chemical products as the basis to build the main manufacturer of iron products in the international first class Since its inception adhere to the road of independent innovation according to customer demand the...

Categories and Products

Iron Trichloride

ferric Ferric Chloride Mordant Ferric chloride of anhydrous (FeCl2·4H2O) Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate Ferric chloride solution liquid Used as a water purifier catalyst and oxidant Ferric chloride hexahydrate (H12Cl3FeO6) Used as colorants and coagulants Orange crystal a Ferric Iron trichloride Ferric Chloride (ferric) hexahydrate Ferric chloride Ferric chloride anhydrous (Fe) Ferric chloride anhydrous (Ferric) Ferric chloride anhydrous (FeCl3) Anhydrous ferric chloride iron A Anhydrous ferric chloride chloride Anhydrous Ferric chloride anhydrous (IRON) Anhydrous chloride for prowder in Iron chloride prowder Iron Frerric chloride anhydrous 

Iron Powder

Iron powder reduced (iron) Iron Molecular weight: 55.845 Double suction agent iron Iron powder (Iron powder) Iron powder Black Gray Reduced iron powder 99% (Iron) Iron powder reduced 99% Iron powder reduced (powder) 99% Iron powder reduced (IRON) 99% Iron powder reduced (100 mesh) 99% Iron powder reduced (Fe) 99% Fe Iron powder reduced 99% Iron powder reduced (99%) Fe Iron powder reduced (99%) Iron Iron powder reduced (99%) 99% Iron powder reduced (98%) 98% Iron powder reduced (99%) Fe fe Iron powder reduced (99%) Iron iron Iron powder reduced (99%) Fe iron Iron powder reduced 99% of iron 


Ferrous Chloride

dye mordant Chloride Hexahydarate Ferrous chloride anhydrous (fe) Ferrous chloride dihydrate iron Ferrous chloride solution iron Ferrous chloride dihydrate (Fe) Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate (Fe) Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate (Iron) Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate (ferous) Iron tetrachloride Ferrous fe (Fe) Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate (Iron) Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate (Ferrous) Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate Ferrous chloride hexahydrate iron Ferrous chloride hexahydrate (Fe) (FeCl2) Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate (FeCl2) Ferrous Ferrous chloridr tetrahydrate Iron chloride tetrahydrate ferrous Four hydrate ferrous chloride Ferrous chloride compound iron 

Ferric Oxide

Iron hydroxide oxide Used As ferric oxide (iron) Ferric oxide complexes Iron oxide of black (fe) Iron oxide compound Deep red powder iron products Ferrous iron compound having magnetic properties Production of tapes and telecommunications equipment Used in paint and ink industry For catalyst glass (Fe) Dark red powder iron compounds Ferric Oxide (Ferric Oxide) Ferric Oxide Complexes (Fe) density 5.24 g/cm³ ferric iron C. I. Pigment Red prowder C.I. Pigment Red prower used as glass etching agent Glass etching agent (iron) For diferric oxygen(-2) anion Ferric oxide for red 

Ferric Sulfate

Iron Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate Ferric sulphate nonahydrate Ferrous sulfate solution Electroplating grade five water copper sulfate Sulphate copper plating iron Bright red does not dissolve in wate Used to make rayon Electrolytic cuprous oxide iron (Cuprous) Calcination cuprous oxide wire form cupric oxide magnesium sulfate for iron Sodium sulfate sodium sulfate Na2SO4 iron iron fe 

Ferrous Sulfate

Water Treatment Agent

The heat gets dihydrate 

Ferric Nitrate

Ferric nitrate nonahydrous iron Yellow sand shape 

Iron Acetate

Iron acetate for compounds Iron Acetate Compounds (Iron) Iron Acetate Compounds (fe) For iron mordant compounds Ferric acetate (Ferric acetate) 

Iron Carbonate

Fe Iron carbonate compounds Iron sesquioxide (Burn limonite) (Burn limonite) ferric oxide Ferric oxide (Burn limonite) Ferric oxide (Burn limonite) iron Ferric(iron) oxide (Burn limonite) Ferric oxide (Burn limonite) fe Ferric iron oxide (Burn limonite) ferric fe oxide (Burn limonite) Ferric oxide fe (Burn limonite) Ferric oxide iron (Burn limonite) Iron Ferric oxide (Burn limonite) Fe Ferric oxide (Burn limonite) (ferric oxide) Burn limonite (Ferric oxide) iron Burn limonite (Ferroc oxide) fe Burn limonite Ferric oxide (Burn limonite) ferric (ferric oxide) Burn limonite iron (Ferric oxide) Burn iron limonite (ferric oxide) Iron oxide 

Ferric hydroxide

Iron Six water chloride CAS 10025-77-1 Ferric chloride 

Iron Oxalate

Ferric oxalate pentahydrate Iron oxide red For 

Ferrous Oxalate

Ferrous oxalate dihydrate 

Ferric Phosphate

Ferric Phosphate Iron Phosphate Ferric phos phate iron phosphate Ferrous chloride dihydrate (Iron) Ferrous chloride dihydrate (Fecl2.2H2O) Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Material Ferric chloride IRON hexahydrate 

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